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The Perfect North East India Tour for First-Timers

The Perfect North East India Tour for First-Timers

The north eastern states happen to be one of the most beautiful parts of India, especially if you are planning to visit the north east for the first time. With snow-capped peaks, meandering rivers, mesmerizing lakes, and the captivating beauty of the Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia hills, north east India will keep you enchanted for days to come.


Nagaland is one such state in India where you get a taste of the originality of the country and its people. Here you discover the roots of India, its ancient tribes, and their everyday life. Home to quite a few different tribes, Nagaland is where you dwell in the lap of nature amidst huge mountains, sprawling valleys, and meandering rivers and the unique people including dancers, head hunters, warriors, and much more.

You can take a flight to Dimapur Airport or even a train to Dimapur Junction to reach Nagaland. Situated at a height of 1495 m above sea level, the capital of Nagaland gained its significance during World War II. It was here that the Japanese forces were brought to a halt. It was here that they were bound to retreat.

When to Go?

Like the grand carnival in Goa, Nagaland boasts of its internationally reputed Hornbill Festival, which takes place from the 1st to the 10th of December every year. The festival celebrates unity amidst the diversity of the tribes and makes it the best time for a visit.

Places to Visit:

If you are opting for a day tour, you might want to select any one place in between Dimapur and Kohima. Although both are equally enchanting, they really do demand a longer stay for an enjoyable, non-hectic schedule.

The Medieval Kachari Kingdom Ruins are a must-visit apart from the Rangapahar Reserve Forest and Dimapur Zoo, covering more than 20 hectares of land. Make sure you do not miss the Diezephe Craft Village Green Park.


The name KISAMA has been derived from two separate villages, the Kigwema and the Phesama villages, and the “MA” means a village. It was established and commissioned on the land of these two villages by the State Government of Nagaland. With its World War II museum, food court, Horti-scape, and much more, this is one of the most significant places to stay during the Hornbill Festival.

What to Do?

Nagaland is a place of endless activities. Here’s a list of all the things you can do there.

  • A safari amidst the wilderness at Ntangki National Park is a great idea.
  • Make a quick visit to the Naga State Museum.
  • Take a trek along the Dzukou Valley in the lap of nature.
  • Mount Saramati is also a great place if you are a trekker.
  • Shilloi Lake is a good place to walk by, and the Doyang River is perfect for boating.
  • If you know how to ride a bike, you can drive through the Nagaland Rainforest. There is no better way to explore Nagaland.
  • You can also camp in the Kohima mountains.

What sets Nagaland apart from the other northeastern states is that it is the only state where English is the only official language. So you need not worry about communication problems.


Mentioned as the Pragjyotishpura in Hindu scriptures, Assam was once the seat of tantric Hindu rituals. Yet today, there is no place more cosmopolitan than Assam in northeast India. Situated in the heart of the Nilachal hills, Assam is well known for its ancient Kamakshya Temple.

Assam is not exactly a hill station but rather the foothills. To travel to Shillong or Cherrapunjee, you will first need to step into Assam. In Assam, you will not need to hire cars or taxis, you can easily travel by local public transport. Be on the lookout for the Bramhaputra flowing by the main roads.

Reaching and Staying   

You can opt for a flight to Guwahati airport or a train to Guwahati junction. Guwahati houses a few of the best hotels in Assam, and that too, at a reasonable price. Hotel Dynasty, Ambarish Hotel, Hotel Bramhaputra Ashok, and Belle View Hotel are a few of the best that you can opt for.

Where to Go?

There is an array of sightseeing destinations in Assam, but then there are two places that you simply cannot miss:

Kamakhya Temple: It is one of the most significant peethas among the 51 shakti peethas all over the country. It has been one of the most important centers for tantric rituals and sacrificial sites in all of India. The premises are beautiful, and the architecture is worth observing. The Garo and Khasi tribes consider this to be one of the holiest places in Assam. 

Kaziranga National Park: The world’s only habitat of one of the rarest and most endangered species under the sun, the one-horned rhino, Kaziranga, has received international prominence. The state capital of Assam, Guwahati, is 233 kilometers away from Kaziranga. It is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temptation to spend the night at one of Kaziranga’s famous jungle lodges is quite permanent, but then again, the final decision is yours to make. Rhinos straying into the national highway is pretty common, and there are a few viewing places along National Highway 37 where you can stop your car, take out your binoculars, and observe those shy and secretive creatures quietly grazing in their own garden.

Where to Eat?

Paradise restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Guwahati that provides traditional Assamese cuisine. This restaurant serves a variety of Indian, Assamese, and Asian cuisines. It is a family-friendly restaurant that is also suitable for large groups. It is open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. One of the issues that patrons of this restaurant face are that finding a suitable parking space is not always possible. Last but not least, the traditional Assamese Thali that they serve is delectable. The Terra Maya and Khorika are worth a visit too.

Shopping time

Well, who hasn’t heard of the famous Fancy Bazaar? This market is famous among locals and tourists alike, especially for shopping and Northeastern indigenous clothing. Interesting native goods, such as clay toys and a range of teas, are also available. There are a handful of traditional eateries where you can indulge as well.

If you want to know more about Assam and its popular city Guwahati check this group out! Guwahati Weekend Gang – Revounce

north east india


Meghalaya, the Cloud Land, lies tucked away in the eastern sub-Himalayan hills. It has ample rainfall, picturesque woods, plateaus, rivers, waterfalls, meandering streams, and animals, making it one of the most beautiful states in the country.

The state of Meghalaya separates the Assam Valley from Bangladesh’s Plains. Meghalaya is a mountainous state in northeast India with steep cliffs. Cherrapunji and Mawsynram are said to be the wettest spots on the planet. During the months of June and September, the monsoon brings strong rains and carves out some of Asia’s longest caverns.

How to Reach and Where to Stay?

Bagdogra Airport is 124 kilometers from Gangtok; from there, take a trip to Guwahati Airport, which is the closest airport to Meghalaya (150 km). From there, take a bus or a private taxi for about 5 hours to your selected Meghalaya location. It has so many resort options that deciding which one is perfect for you would be difficult. Resorts in Meghalaya are distinguished by a brilliant atmosphere and offer all the conveniences and facilities to flatter all of your five senses, while also displaying the culture and tradition of the place.

What to Do?

There are numerous activities to do in Meghalaya, all of which are eagerly anticipating your arrival. Here is a list of great activities and things to do while vacationing in this magnificent area surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty, ranging from exploring Asia’s cleanest village to kayaking on India’s cleanest river.

You can trek to the living root bridge or camp at the Umiam lake. Exploring the churches of Shillong and playing golf at the Gleneagles are other fun activities to indulge in.

Ward’s Lake in Shillong is a popular place almost crowded with tourists.

Where to Eat?

Dylan’s Cafe is India’s first tribute cafe, dedicated to the music superstar Bob Dylan and his contributions to the industry. The museum gives visitors a glimpse of Bob Dylan’s impact on the music industry and his ability to ignite a passion in millions of people all around the world. The cafe provides a relaxing atmosphere that fosters creativity and promotes pleasant conversation among people of all ages. While you gorge on wonderful food from the menu that is as comfortable as Bob Dylan’s music, the cafe is always humming with the sounds of contemporary Bob Dylan in the background. Cafe Shillong and Deja Vu are must-visits too.

Now that you know what each of these states has to offer for their tourists, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to the North East today!

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