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The Ultimate Goa Trip Guide 2022

The Ultimate Goa Trip Guide 2022

As soon as you land at the Goa Airport and step outside, the warmth of the world-famous seaside tourist destination will greet you with a homely embrace. The main city of Goa as we all know, Calangute – is 32.8 km away by road. You might want to opt for a bus to absorb the beauty that this ultimate Goa trip has to offer to all its visitors.

There are loads of KTCL buses to avail right outside the airport. They should not cost you more than a hundred rupees. In the two hours that you might have to spend to reach the main city from the airport, you can watch the breathtaking landscape and make a silent list of all the places that you would love to come back to, later for a better view or even for a photography session. When you step off the bus, take a deep breath: a beautiful adventure lies ahead. 

Palolem Beach

The Perfect Ambience:

It is often said that the people make the place. If you too have the same feeling in mind, then Goa is the place for you. The people of Goa are far more than just friendly. Even the cab drivers here are said to be the friendliest if compared. The architecture at every turn of the road will sweep you away as will the rich culture of the locals who take no time to make you feel at home. 

Look out for the sunsets and the sunrises. They are not to be missed. The coconut trees border the coastline and make the entire area all the more beautiful. The coastal streets will beckon you every time you try to move farther. What enhances the local beauty are the white churches that look as if they have been painted on the blue skies and the green paddy fields (golden too, if you are lucky enough).

Being the Early Bird:

It definitely is not easy being one but here’s the catch (pun intended), you do get hold of the sunrise experience. It is one of a kind. While Calangute Beach has a beautiful sunrise to offer, no experience can be compared to that at Hollant Beach. Located in South Goa and often called after the name of its neighbouring village, Issorsim, the sunrise at Hollant beach will haunt you for years to come.

An awesome sunrise awaits you

If you’re looking for a scrumptious breakfast at a pocket-friendly price, you can always drive to Panjim Market. It might take you around 35 minutes to reach Panjim from Hollant Beach but you can rest assured that the breakfast will be worth the drive. The Ros Omelette is a must-try. So are the squids, the shawarmas, and the tiger prawns. 

Is your mouth watering?

Take a stroll down the lanes and explore places for Goa is one such place among the very few in India where every nook and corner will leave you in awe of it.

When the Evening Falls:

Nightlife in Goa can hardly be described with words. It is an experience to be cherished forever, especially if you happen to stay at Calangute, Hollant, Candolim, and other such renowned tourist spots. Else, it might get unexpectedly dark and lonely as soon as 9 or 9:30 pm. The locals love to sleep early and tourism hardly affects their daily schedule. Hence, local shops and markets may close early.

But don’t you worry. Thanks to Tito Henry de Souza for establishing Tito’s nightclub in 1971. The place has entwined itself with the nightlife in Goa. Cafe Mambos is yet another place to visit. Ladies can enter for free while couples will pay an entry fee. Hilltop is the perfect place for parties but then again the entry fee is quite high. Women on Wednesdays can enter without paying the entry fees. It isn’t good enough for a daily visit.

Beautiful colourful flea market

The Candolim market is open till 10 pm. So make sure you try all the street foods it has in store for the foodies in Goa. The egg chops and prawn chops are not to be missed. Michael Lobo’s Centre will welcome you with open arms. So don’t forget to visit Candolim at least once.

Where you can go next?

Tereza Beach House:

Well, if you’re visiting Goa there is simply no way that you can miss a visit to the Tereza Beach House located on the Coco Beach. A jazz band will be waiting to entertain you as you enter this mesmerizing beach shack. The thatched roofs, handmade lamps, and cane furniture will transport you to another marine world. The pizzas will arrive right out of the oven and oh! Don’t forget to try out the cocktails.

Tereza Beach House

Easing Out the Travel

Moving in and around Goa will get easier if you know how to ride a bicycle, a motorcycle, or even a scooty. They are all available on rentals for as less as INR 300 each day. A Scooty can help you travel quickly from one place to another while enjoying every part of the scenic beauty of Goa.

But then again, what can be better than a stroll down the coastal streets? Always remember that there is no alternative to walking to explore a new place unless, of course, you’re travelling a distance that can’t be covered on foot.

What Else to Do?

Water Sports: Scuba diving is a permanent part of everyone’s wish list in life. Well, that is about to be fulfilled if you are in Goa. Kayaking, jet skiing, and windsurfing are other popular water sports that will scream for your attention there.

ultimate goa trip guide

Drive/ Walk to places: If you have already rented your scooty or bike, you can always set out for places worth seeing all on your own. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, Tanshikar’s Working Spice Farm Dudhsagar Falls, and the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Anjuna market too demands a visit.

Spend Time at the Quieter Beaches: If you require some peace away from the active life on the main beaches, you can try spending some time at the Ashwem beach, the Palolem Beach, or even the Morjim Beach. Yet you must be made aware that most of these beaches are crowded during the peak season. 

Trek to the Banyan Tree: Surrounded by a jungle as well as a sweetwater lake, the banyan tree takes a 30-minute hike following a trail through the dense jungle in Arambol. The scenery here is definitely worth a visit. 

The Shopping List:

Once in Goa, everything you see will want to become part of that shopping bag of yours. Regular items and souvenirs might be a bit overpriced here, but you can hardly avoid purchasing gifts for friends and family and maybe yourself.

Seashells are found everywhere. You can always buy some for your aquarium, plant tubs, etc. The hats will keep beckoning at you till you have one on your head. Not to mention, they protect you from the heat. Musical instruments and souvenirs with “Goa” written on them (T-shirts, pens, and bags) are found all over the place.

Once in Goa, you will want to stay forever. The trip might take you quite a few days to finish and not for no reason. Exploring Goa isn’t an easy task. If you have a budget and time enough to spend in Goa, we suggest you indulge yourself in all the above-mentioned experiences. Skipping a few might be okay but all of these make the ultimate Goa trip. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set out for Goa today!! If you need more advice on this amazing journey or need to ask an expert then head here to our forum and ask our users about your queries.

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